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Welcome! Are you considering having a natural birth? If so, you have arrived at the right location to address some of your needs and concerns.
If you are pregnant or considering a new pregnancy, a natural birth is certainly worth considering. You might find very little support among your family and friends. Most women or couples that choose a natural way of birth find that they are the renegades in their social circle--doing things their way. You are certainly to be congratulated for independent thinking! The process of labor and birth can be quite rewarding, but few women these days are able to experience or fully comprehend the exhilarating process that a natural birth can provide. Birth can be a pivotal life-changing event in a positive or negative way.
Midwives often say that women labor as they live. If you are a very positive, upbeat type of individual, that attitude will carry with you through your labor and birth. If however, you are a very fearful type of person, what makes you think that anything will change for you in labor and birth? A positive, upbeat attitude is a key component to the "success" of your labor and birth. The "can do it" spirit will go a long way in helping you achieve the goals that you are reaching for.
Unfortunately, no one can predict the exact events that will unfold in your labor and birth. However, in labor you should look at the hand you are dealt and look at your options realistically. Even if circumstances that were unanticipated occur, keeping a positive attitude throughout the labor will assist you in making the optimum choices for the situations encountered.
Natural childbirth not only means a vaginal birth, but a birth free of all pain-relieving medications. During a natural birth, you are free to move around during the labor process and are able to fully experience and embrace the process, rather than to fear it. In our experience, we have found that women who work with their bodies actively during the labor process and share in the decisions of their labor and birth report higher levels of satisfaction with the process of birth. Women who lose control of their labor and birth with the use of artificial stimulants and pain medications do not look upon their labor and birth as favorably. Babies tend to be more alert and go the breast with greater ease than their counterparts whose mothers had pain relievers during the birth process.


If you are looking for a better more satisfying labor and birth, if you feel there is more to birth, then you have arrived at the right place, and we'll be glad to try and assist you!


Please e-mail or call if you would like more information.

Contact: Rae Andrews, RN, CNM, MS
Location: Longmont, Colorado