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Birth Announcement & Thank You Cards

Interested in sending out personalized birth announcements and thank you notes???


Over Thanksgiving (2008) we were in Colorado visiting our son and our relatives. We were at my mother-in-law's home and saw that she had some really great birthday cards displayed on her coffee table. They had pictures of her and her parents at different stages in their lives all made personalized to herin honor of her special day. My sister-in-laws' had created and designed them just for her! They told us about the "Send Out Cards" system and we were hooked! I love creating and working with pictures - I've saved pictures and have a million albums, created individual picture DVDs to music for family and friends, and we like to send cards, so this was an

exciting new way to express creativity and brighten up someone else's day!!


"Send Out Cards" is a fantastic way to send out personalized cards designed by you. You have a wide variety of choices to choose from. Want to send a birth announcement??? You can choose one from their already pre-designed stock OR you can create your own with your baby's picture OR however you want to do it! If you decide to create a card with pictures (which is what I fell in love with) you can put a picture on the front of the card and up to three pictures on the inside for a regular bi-fold card. If you decide to upgrade to a tri-fold card, you can add more pictures than that! I've saved a lot of money from the usual cards I purchase at the local "card store." Generally I used to spend three to four dollars per card and now the cards cost about $1 - $1.50 (plus standard postage as with store bought cards.) These cards are also far nicer than sending a card by the internet because your family and friends have a professionally done printed card to have on display and see all the time - not just when they can get to a computer or phone with e-mail.

You can send out a regular card (with no personalized pictures) for less than a dollar. However, I have enjoyed using the "Picture Plus" system that "Send Out Cards" has created. I can create my own card with pictures. At Christmas, we sent our family and friends two different pictures of our growing family. We had lots of compliments on the card and many of the recipients of our cards were surprised to find out that we had created the card ourselves! For my patients, I sent out another card as a thank you for their business and to wish them a great New Year. Since that time, we have sent out Birthday cards, Thank You notes, and a Bereavement card. I intend to send out Valentine Day Cards, too - I have some cute ideas...
It's a very easy system. For new pictures taken, download them into your computer and then the "Send Out Card" system allows you to bring them into their program to be used to create your own personalized card. You can also scan old pictures into your computer and then transfer those into the program. Once you type in or download your address list into "Send Out Cards," it addresses your cards for you. At Christmas, it was really fantastic because I didn't have to stamp and lick envelopes either - they do all that for you!! Next year, my address list will be
in place and I won't have to address a single card! Please, check out the system and try it yourself, it's a lot of fun! You are welcome to send out a free card on us. I believe this system is a great way to brighten someone else's day. I've enjoyed sending cards to my family and friends with their picture on it too. Your family and friends will love getting a personalized card; how wonderful!
Check out some of the different cards we've created since we started using "Send Out Cards."Then please visit:
to try it for yourself. You'll be glad you did!


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